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Medical Matters

The shock of a diagnosis – Part 1

by Lily on August 28, 2010

I have been working on some new posts from my hospital bed and at the moment all the signs are pointing to doing some stuff on the shock of diagnosis. I received an email this week from a new Mum who had recently had her beautiful 4 week old baby diagnosed with CF. As you […]


HMP Series – Medical Workbook Part 3

by Lily on August 10, 2009

Finally! Here is the final part of the Medical Workbook series. I have been using my Medical Workbook this week quite abit actually, a bout of Whooping Cough has hit some members of my family and I have used my MW to look up immunisation/booster shot information as well as my medical history (I had […]


HMP Series – Medical Workbook Part 2

by Lily on July 16, 2009

Well the feedback from the first part of the Medical Workbook has been very encouraging. I shall waste no time in getting onto the next part….. Daily Routine Outline A Daily Routine Outline is very handy for a number of reasons. When you are not feeling well and your mind is elsewhere it can be handy […]


OK, here we are. This week we will be focusing on a very important part of your Health Management Plan (HMP)….. the Medical Workbook. This week I will show you the items that will make up your Medical Workbook which is a very necessary part of your HMP. This is your “go-to” tool for emergencies, […]


Stick to Your Guns!

by Lily on June 23, 2009

Spending a lot of time in hospital you learn the things that you should pursue and the things you should let go. It can be really frustrating to know that something is not right with yourself and for it to be passed off as nothing everytime you raise the issue. It may be an inconvenience for your medical […]