2009 April

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April 2009

I am about to be discharged from hospital. It has been a slow, two week admission and I am relieved to be heading home even though I will have to come back in two weeks for surgery. That is disappointing but necessary. I do have a game plan for getting through the post-op mine field but more about that another […]


School and Chronic Illness

by Lily on April 27, 2009

At the moment I am organising my 10 year school reunion. What a blast from the past! Getting in touch with people and going over old year books has brought the memories of school flooding back. School is something we all have to undertake, I didn’t see the point of whinging and moaning about something that I […]


Power of Positivity

by Lily on April 24, 2009

After the positive feedback I received from my last post I have decided to focus this post on positivity. You do not need to be living with Chronic Illness to need the power of positivity in your life. Whether you are unhappy in your job, relationships or home, the power of that unhappiness can have many unwanted […]

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Questions & Answers – Part 2

by Lily on April 22, 2009

Finally! Back in business. It feels really good to be writing again and this post I am going to answer some of the other questions that were asked when I put out the call for any Questions people might have about living with Chronic Illness, this website or myself. Hopefully the Part 1 answers satisfied, I […]