New Horizons…….A Letter From Lily’s Loved Ones

New Horizons…….A Letter From Lily’s Loved Ones

by Lily on April 7, 2011

Dear Friends,

On  Monday ,21st February 2011, during an intense thunder storm,

Lily Korst passed away in the arms of her beloved partner and family.

Lily walked through life with such grace, purpose and a love that was deep, pure and protective.

Lily faced the many battles in her life with courage, intelligence, humour and dignity….

Lily continues to express these qualities… her progress continues….

Lily has a destiny to fulfil.

It has been an absolute privilege being a part of your journey

Love always

Damien, Mummy, Robert, Maren, Grandma, Griffin and  Sophie Lily and all your family and friends.


”The freer step

the fuller breath

the wide horizons grander view

The sense of Life that knows no death

The Life that maketh all things new”

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